The Fellowship Of Royal Agricultural Societies Coordinated by:

Benefits of the Awards

The benefits of membership include:-

    • Recognition of one’s outstanding contributions to agricultural/rural progress;
    • Fellowship with others who have made similarly important practical contributions;
    • Database: Receipt of the Annual Bulletin listing all members – over 1100 currently – and detailing new members and those advanced to Fellowship, with overviews of their contributions;
    • New members: Ability for Fellows to propose and seek out potential new members thus championing the cause of agriculture, which depends on a continual flow of creative people;
    • Networking with others to further the cause of agri-rural progress via influencing thinking, lobbying on research and policy priorities, encouraging and highlighting practical innovations in agricultural science, technology, production management, marketing and care work within agriculture – and networking about all these things;
    • Invitations to Shows and other events – field trips and conferences, including a regular February conference in the case of the Scottish and Welsh Panels – but members are also welcome to events in other nations of the UK;
    • Expert Panels: Members may be invited to join panels – or catalyse them – on specific issues related to their expertise;
    • Service within CARAS: Fellows may write sponsorship letters for new candidates, and some may be invited to act as Assessors of those they do not know personally, or to serve on their National Panel along with Associate representatives;
    • Publications: Members are circulated twice yearly with the Bulletin in March and the July Newsletter;
    • Collectively, we act within the Fellowship across the UK as independent custodians of the cause of agricultural and rural progress, bringing together those from diverse sectors – farming, research, government, commercial… – and all four nations of the UK.
    • Collectively, we provide a pool of independent expertise that can be called upon to serve the public good.
    • By continual vigilance seeking those who are making outstanding contributions to agricultural progress, we strive to attract new entrants into exceptional standards of work themselves for the future well-being of UK agriculture.