The Fellowship of Royal Agricultural Societies – coordinated by CARAS

Dartmoor sceneCARAS (The Council for Awards of Royal Agricultural Societies) exists to administer the scheme originating in 1970 whereby outstanding contributions to UK agricultural and rural progress are recognised by awards.

There are two categories – initially Associateship (ARAgS) and then the senior award is Fellowship (FRAgS).

Candidates do not apply themselves until invited to do so. Potential candidates for Associateship are suggested by existing Fellows for consideration to National Panels in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or¬†Wales (depending upon the country of residence of the candidate). If deemed to have made truly outstanding contributions to UK agricultural progress (beyond simply doing their jobs well), then candidates are invited by their National Panel to make a submission of their work and community activities in support of their application. Candidates pay a fee¬†for administration and supply the names of two existing Fellows (FRAgS) who have agreed to act as sponsors for them. Once an application is registered to proceed, Assessors are appointed to meet and interview the candidate and report to The Moderator’s Panel of CARAS, which determines the outcome of the assessment of ARAgS.

Fellowship (FRAgS) awards are not automatic but follow continued outstanding contributions of Associates to UK agricultural progress and are supported by citations made to Council who determine their outcome and award FRAgS. In very exceptional circumstances, direct election to Fellowship (FRAgS) is made by Council.

Members then comprise a fellowship of outstanding agriculturalists that is UK wide. We do not have the capacity to recognise and make awards for contributions to agricultural progress outside the UK.

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